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West Bengal State University Health Care Centre (HCC) is located in the ground floor of the administrative building. Prof. Pratiti Ghosh, Department of Physiology of this University has been appointed as the co-ordinator of the Health Care Centre. We have started developing this centre and have also specific future plans towards further development of the centre. At present, two clinicians (one allopath and another homeopath) are regularly visiting our centre once in a week. The homeopath doctor and the allopath doctor are scheduled to visit the centre on Tuesday and Thursday respectively. One trained nurse will be recruited soon to take care of the patients in the remaining days. A psychological counselling facility has also started.

This centre contains a doctors’ chamber, the reception and registration counter, an emergency management and first aid room and a diagnostic laboratory as well as an office. Some common and emergency equipment like weighing machine, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, patient examination bed and X-ray plate viewing box are available in the doctors’ chamber. The emergency management facility in the centre is comprised of two beds along with oxygen cylinder and oxy-mask set up and also the saline set up facility. In the diagnostic lab, we are planning to install ECG machine for cardiac function testing, spirometer for lung function testing and an automated blood analyzer for routine examination of blood. The centre also have plans to use the instruments and facilities available in the Physiology departmental laboratory, if needed. These facilities may be used for research and diagnostic purpose. Adding to the range, some common first aid materials as well as, a few emergency and life-saving medicines will also be accessible at the centre. A small refrigerator stores some perishable medicines, few emergency injections and common vaccines like tetanus toxoid etc. The health care facilities are completely free of cost for all the students, teachers, officers and staff of this Institution. The patients require registering their names in the reception counter after showing a valid identification card. After registration, he/she gets a coupon with a registration number on the day of doctor’s visit. Patients have to show that particular coupon for the health check-up. We are also awaiting an ambulance facility for quick transfer of patients with critical health conditions to any hospital in case of emergency.

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